Conservative Statement on the Resignation of Bill Morneau

August 17, 2020 -


Ottawa, ON – On behalf of the official opposition, allow me to thank Minister Bill Morneau for making the brutal sacrifice of serving in public life. I wish him and his family well.

The Trudeau government is drowning in corruption, coverup and chaos.

Its most senior cabinet minister—the man responsible for our economy—has fled in scandal while our economy is in free fall and our deficit is seven times its all-time record.

Millions of people have suddenly lost their jobs. Thousands of businesses are shutting for good. Half of our families were $200 from insolvency before COVID-19.

But Trudeau used this crisis to stuff millions of dollars into the pockets of people who had paid his family over $500,000.00 in fees and expenses.

Now he is throwing his Finance Minister under the bus and blaming it all on never-before-mentioned policy squabbles. That is a lie. Morneau is resigning because he did exactly what Trudeau did: took illegal and extravagant gifts from a group to which he gave millions of tax-dollars.

The Official Opposition will continue to hold Trudeau to account and present solid ideas to rescue Canada’s collapsing economy.

Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Shadow Minister of Finance