House of Commons petitions are a great tool for constituents to bring their issues to the Government of Canada. With just 25 signatures for a paper petition or 500 signatures for an e-petition, the sponsoring M.P. is given the opportunity to table the petition and speak on the issue in the Chamber. 

E-petitions must be created through the House of Commons Petitions Portal. Petitions hosted on third party platforms such as can not be certified by the Clerk of Petitions and thus cannot be presented in the House of Commons. For more information on the e-petitions process, please consult the Electronic Petitions Guide and Terms of Use.

Paper petitions must be downloaded and hard copies with original signatures mailed postage free to our office. Signatories must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents (there is no age requirement). If you do not see the petitions below right away, please refresh your browser. 

Delivery of Disaster Financial Assistance Funding to British Columbia

Hard Drug Decriminalization in B.C.

Natural Health Products

Fraudulent and Spam Phone Calls

Military Chaplains Banned From Praying at Public Events

Prison Needle Exchange Program

Additional Federal Funding for the Lets'emot Regional Aquatic Centre

Cannabis Act Review

CEBA Loan Forgiveness for Lytton

Ban Conditional Sentencing for Sexual Assault, Kidnapping and Human Trafficking

Firearms Bill C-21

CRA Definition of Common-Law Partnerships

Pacific Salmon

Address Immigration Backlogs

Revamp Canada's Armed Forces

Support Ukraine

UK Pensioners

Direct Flight from Vancouver to Amritsar

Evacuate Afghan Allies

Support Lytton Wildfire Recovery

Search Residential School Sites

Broadcasting Act Bill C-10

Farming in India

Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations

Human Trafficking

B.C. Family Laws

Protests in Belarus

Closure of Parliament

Expansion of B.C. Trans-Canada Highway 1

Luxury Tax

Bill 21 - An Act Respecting the Laicity of the State

Access to Rural Broadband Internet

Sex Selective Abortion

Crime in Nigeria