July 15, 2021

Dear Constituents: 

As the summer continues, here is a brief update of my work on your behalf: 

Lytton Wildfire 

Since the Village of Lytton was devastated by wildfire on June 30, I have been working tirelessly on behalf of the residents of the area to ensure that the federal response is adequate and timely. To my constituents who lost everything, I won’t stop fighting for you and doing everything in my area of responsibility to ensure that you receive the necessary support to meet your immediate needs. 

I have travelled throughout the riding and province to meet with community leaders and residents at Emergency Operation Centres to support those impacted by the fires and the leaders working to stop them.  

I am calling on the Prime Minister and relevant Ministers for support tailored to Lytton. Including the newly installed, dedicated Service Canada line for Lytton evacuees (1-877-631-2657) that I was successful in establishing. It was set up for residents to have applications for Employment Insurance, and business supports fast tracked and for guidance in applying where not all required documents are available, understanding ID and financial records may have been lost in the fire. I am working closely with Community Futures (funded by the federal agency, Western Economic Development) to set up assistance for small businesses grappling with how to manage insurance claims, debt and recovery. There is still lots of work to be done and I won’t stop fighting for the people I represent.   

I am also in regular contact with the following ministries to help coordinate recovery: 

  • Public Safety Canada 
  • Transport Canada 
  • Indigenous Services Canada 
  • Service Canada 
  • Canada Revenue Agency 

Finally, if you’re impacted by the fires and need immediate assistance with any federal department, please email ([email protected])  or call my office (604-814-5710) today. My staff members Brittany and Sukhpreet are ready to help. 

Family Farm Bill 

Before the House adjourned for the summer, Members of Parliament passed a flurry of legislation, among which included my colleague Larry Maguire’s Private Member’s Bill C-208.  MP Maguire’s Bill effectively removes the unfair tax burden families face when transferring a farm or business to their children.  This Bill is important to residents in our riding who have worked hard their whole lives to build their family farms so that, when it comes time to pass the operation on to the next generation, they will not face any undue government tax burden. 

It seems, however, that the federal Liberal government wants to play legislative games after this Private Member’s Bill has received Royal Assent.  The Bill is now law, and the federal Liberals still want changes.  It is egregious for a sitting federal government to impede the will of Parliament by demanding changes to a Bill after it passed. 

Rest assured that I will be monitoring the federal government’s moves on this legislation carefully, and I will be insisting that the federal government respect the will of Parliament by recognizing this Bill as the law of the land.  Stay tuned. 

Child Care Funding 

The federal Liberals recently announced agreements with the provincial government of British Columbia  promising to partially fund a transition to $10-per-day daycare over the next 5 years.  My hope is that these agreements come to fruition and the cost of daycare actually decreases.  

As I had hoped, the provincial government was able to secure this federal funding without onerous conditions imposed upon them by Ottawa.  

Centennial Flame Scholarship 

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities (HUMA) is inviting Canadians with disabilities to apply for the 2021 Centennial Flame Research Award. 

The HUMA Committee, on which I serve, grants the Centennial Flame Research Award each year to a Canadian with a disability.  The purpose of the award is to enable the recipient to conduct research and prepare a report on the contributions of one or more persons with disabilities to the public life of Canada or the activities of Parliament.  This award is presented in accordance with the Centennial Flame Research Award Act. 

For 2021, the amount awarded will be $6,700.  More information about applying for this Award can be found here. 

You’re My Boss 

Your input is valued.  Please do not hesitate to contact my office to voice your concerns or seek assistance with any federal government programs at 604.814.5710 or [email protected]. 

Finally, many of you are writing regarding a possible election. Yes, I have commenced the process of preparing for an eventual writ drop in August. If you have a specific political question, please email [email protected].  

Thank you, 

Brad Vis, MP 

Mission–Matsqui–Fraser Canyon