May 6, 2021

Dear Constituents, a few updates from my office:

Third Wave of COVID-19

Last week, I stood in the House of Commons and shared stories about the challenges you, the constituents of Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon, faced and continue to face during this pandemic.

We should not be in this position.  A timely vaccine roll-out would have blunted or even stopped the 3rd wave, saving precious lives.  Yet here we are, awaiting vaccine shipments, shutting public venues, and locking everyone down because of the federal Liberal government’s ongoing incompetence. 

You can watch my speech to the House, in which I share your stories, on my Facebook page.

Housing and Budget 2021

I also responded in Parliament last week to the Liberal’s 2021 Budget, the first from this government in over two years.  As my previous email newsletter provided an overview of the budget, I won’t get into that here, but I unpack my concerns and offer tangible, Conservative solutions on the Housing file here in my speech to the House.  

Bill C-10 and Internet Censorship

Bill C-10 is yet another unacceptable attempt by the federal Liberals to target the freedoms of individual internet users in Canada.  This legislation gives sweeping power to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to regulate the internet, including individual users, with no clear guidelines for how that power will be used.

I was very concerned when I heard about the changes to Bill C-10 in the news. Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-Commerce Law at the University of Ottawa, Michael Geist, stated that “the Liberals have become the most anti-internet government in Canadian history.” He outlined several arguments against this Bill, explaining how this legislation is an attack on our freedom of expression and our privacy.  You can read more of Geist’s thoughts on his blog.

Bill C-10 as it stands today is completely unacceptable.  You can rest assured that Conservatives will continue to stand up for the freedoms of Canadians who post their content online, and we will oppose C-10 at every stage of the legislative process.

Conservative Plan to Secure the Environment

Last month, Erin O’Toole released our Party’s proposed plan to tackle climate change.  This approach will achieve the same emissions reductions by 2030 as the federal Liberals' current plan, while creating jobs and growing the economy.  The Conservative plan will allow Canada to meet the Paris climate targets set out by former PM Stephen Harper – but without the Trudeau Liberals’ punitive carbon tax on Canadians.

Some of the key points of our plan to Secure the Environment include:

  • Low Carbon Savings Accounts;
  • Lowering industrial emissions;
  • Increasing use of renewable natural gas;
  • Implementing a low carbon fuel standard like we already have in BC;
  • Increasing carbon capture and storage;
  • More zero-emission vehicles; and
  • Carbon Border Tariffs targeted at high emitter nations. 

Our Party’s Plan has won the plaudits of several outside stakeholders, and here are just a few of their recent comments:

  • “Encouraged the plan focuses on a low carbon savings [account] for small business, allowing them to benefit directly from what they pay. It appears to fix the unfair cross-subsidization of the current [federal] carbon backstop.” – Dan Kelly, President and CEO, Canadian Federation of Independent Business
  • “First, credit where credit is due for a serious plan. They've used modelling to ensure no magical thinking.  They're relying on policies that will drive real emissions reductions.  They are taking climate policy seriously.” – Dale Beugin, VP Research and Analysis, Canadian Institute for Climate Choices 

Conservatives will fight climate change and protect the environment, but we won’t do it on the backs of hardworking Canadians or by hurting our economy.  Ours is the only federal party with a plan to secure our environment, secure jobs, and secure our future.  I encourage you to check out our plan to Secure the Environment, as well as our complete plan to Secure Canada’s Future.

Some of you have brought your concerns to me about our Party’s climate plan – I value that feedback and suggested improvements are always welcome.  I will be clear, however, that our Party must be serious on the climate file.  Inaction is no longer acceptable to the majority of Canadians, and if we want to govern again, Conservatives must meet Canadians where they are on climate issues.  We do so by offering sensible and responsible climate policies.

I look forward to further engagement with you on the Conservative Party’s plans to protect the environment in the weeks ahead.  I hope you will review our plan with an open mind, and if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

You’re My Boss

Your input is valued.  Please do not hesitate to contact my office to voice your concerns or seek assistance with any federal government programs at 604.814.5710 or [email protected].

Thank you,

Brad Vis, MP

Mission–Matsqui–Fraser Canyon