MP Update

Dear Constituents, a few updates from my office:


Good news for farmers!

February brought good news for our blueberry farmers and I am happy to share in that victory. Last year the US started an enquiry into whether the import of blueberries was their local industry and could have resulted in major tariffs for our own growers. After much advocacy from the B.C. Blueberry Council, myself and other MPs, the US ruling declared no tariffs or quotas would be levied on Canadian blueberries. This ruling will allow the hundreds of blueberry farmers in our riding to continue exporting their delicious product to the US market.


Good news for the Steelhead community!

This month also brought good news for our neighbours in the Steelhead community of Mission. I have been working tirelessly to advocate for rural broadband internet and along with the Steelhead Community Association who has been fighting for internet for over a decade. I was happy to support Telus’ application for the Universal Broadband Fund which was granted on February 18th, 2021. This funding will bring quality, high speed internet to this part of Mission that often loses complete connection of this essential service due to falling trees and windy storms.


Good news for habitat conservation!

After much advocacy to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, I was thrilled to hear that the Fraser Valley Conservancy will have full its funding ($115,000) restored through the Habitat Stewardship Program. The Fraser Valley Conservancy restores habitats for species at risk throughout the Fraser Valley.


Uyghur Genocide Vote

This week, the House voted on a Conservative motion that calls upon the federal government to officially recognize the treatment of the minority Uyghur Muslims as a genocide. The motion passed unanimously with support from all parties. However, Justin Trudeau, his Cabinet, and many Liberal MPs abstained from the vote were a no-show for the vote. Last week, I delivered a speech (which you can watch here) on the situation facing the Uyghurs, highlighting the disturbing reality of what is happening in China. Alongside my Conservative caucus colleagues, I am very passionate about this human rights issue. Canada must be a voice for those who do not have one.


C-7 Amendments

Bill C-7 has made its way back to the House of Commons, after the Senate proposed several amendments to the legislation. I voted against this Bill when it was last before the House as it reduced protections for vulnerable members of our society. I will be voting against these amendments proposed by the Senate, particularly as they expand MAID to those with mental illness. We have heard from persons with disabilities and medical professionals who have made clear they believe the expansion of MAID in Bill C-7 is dangerous and requires more scrutiny. The Liberals have ignored those pleas.


Housing Portfolio

Last week, I asked the federal Liberal government about rural housing and the rapid housing initiative (watch my exchange here).



I would like to update you as to the status of Private Member’s Bills that I have seconded.

Bill C-204 deals with the disposal of plastic waste, and it is now at Second Reading.
Bill C-205, which is at First Reading, amends the Health of Animals Act to make it an offence to enter, without lawful authority or excuse, a place in which animals are kept if doing so could result in the exposure of the animals to a disease or toxic substance.
Bill C-208, also at First Reading, would amend the Income Tax Act as it pertains to the transfer of family-run farms and fishing corporations.
Bill C-220 deals with compassionate care leave and extends the duration of such leave. Last week, this Bill passed the Second Reading stage and has been referred to the Human Resources Committee – of which I am a Member – for further study.
• Lastly, Bill C-238 would have brought in harsher sentencing for the trafficking and possession of illegal firearms. Unfortunately, this Bill was voted down by the Liberals and NDP at Second Reading on January 27.


Mandatory Hotel Quarantine Update

Canada’s Conservatives are calling for the Liberals to suspend the hotel quarantine requirement until they have put measures in place to ensure the safety of Canadians and institute a system for verifying at-home quarantine.

We are deeply angered to hear reports of sexual violence are happening during federally mandated quarantines by those supposed to be protecting public health.


You’re my boss

Your input is valued. Please do not hesitate to contact my office to voice your concerns or seek assistance with any federal government programs at 604.814.5710 or [email protected]

Thank you,

Brad Vis, MP

Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon