May 14, 2021

Dear Constituents, a few updates from my office:  

Bill C-10  

First off, I would like to thank all of you who signed my email pledge to Stop Bill C-10.  In a society that values freedom of speech and expression, Bill C-10 seriously infringes on Canadians’ rights and opens the door to massive power abuses by the federal government.  

Canada’s Conservatives support creating a level playing field between large foreign streaming services and Canadian broadcasters and championing Canadian arts and culture.  A Conservative government would do so without compromising Canadians’ fundamental rights and freedoms.  

That is why our Party is calling on Justin Trudeau to withdraw Bill C-10 today If this is not done, a Conservative government will stand up for Canadians and repeal this deeply flawed legislation Indeed, Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-Commerce Law at the University of Ottawa, Michael Geist, stated on his blog that “the Liberals have become the most anti-internet government in Canadian history.”  He notes in his critique of C-10 that public consultations have not been held, due process gets replaced with quick takedowns and stiff penalties, and net neutrality is at risk of replacement by mandated internet blocking.  

We are taking concrete steps to defend your freedoms. Earlier this week we successfully pushed for a Charter review of Bill C-10 because we firmly believe this legislation poses grave risks to Canadians’ freedom of expression.  can’t say our Caucus was too surprised when the review, led by Liberal Justice Minister David Lametti, came back saying Bill C-10 did not infringe on Canadians’ Charter rights.  It just made it clearer to us that we’re going to have to fight hard to stop Bill C-10 in its tracks.  

Conservative Private Member’s Bills Passed  

also want to highlight the recent success of my Conservative colleagues who, through significant effort, were able to pass Private Member’s Bills in the House of Commons.  Specifically: 

  • Bill C-208, introduced by Manitoba MP Larry Maguire, will make it easier for families to transfer their fishing business or farm to their children; 
  • Bill C-210, proposed by Calgary MP Len Webber, will make it easier for Canadians to register as organ donors; and, 
  • Bill C-220, sponsored by Edmonton MP Matt Jeneroux, will provide Canadians with more time off following the death of a loved one.  

In the previous parliamentary session, I had the privilege of jointly seconding two of these pieces of legislation: C-208 and C-220.  All of these Bills now head to the Senate, where we look forward to their timely consideration and speedy passage.  

You’re My Boss  

Your input is valued.  Please do not hesitate to contact my office to voice your concerns or seek assistance with any federal government programs at 604.814.5710 or [email protected].  

Thank you, 

Brad Vis, MP 

Mission–Matsqui–Fraser Canyon