August 20, 2020 -

MISSION, BC – On Tuesday, August 18, the Governor General granted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s request to prorogue Parliament. The previous day, Monday, August 17, the Prime Minister forced out his Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, who resigned under the flimsy pretext of seeking the post of Secretary General for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Prorogation immediately halts all work of the House of Commons, including the investigations of multiple Parliamentary Standing Committees into the numerous ethical lapses of this Liberal government, most notably the WE Charity Scandal. It is abundantly clear that Prime Minister Trudeau is abusing the power of his office to obscure his government’s failings.

Canadians are looking for stability and leadership, but all Justin Trudeau has given us is corruption, chaos, and cover-ups. As other democratic nations found ways to keep their legislatures in operation during the pandemic, Justin Trudeau neutered Parliament during the summer before shutting it down entirely to try and avoid accountability.

The Liberal government has postponed Parliamentary accountability until September 23rd, when they will present a Throne Speech in an attempt to reset their problematic political narrative. If they do not gain sufficient support from Opposition Parties for their new plan, an election could be triggered by a vote of non-confidence. Until then, Trudeau’s Liberals have left Canadians in a quagmire of uncertainty.

“Mission–Matsqui–Fraser Canyon has numerous pressing issues requiring federal attention,” stated MP Vis, “Fisheries, forestry, infrastructure and public safety, just to name a few. You deserve representation. I was elected to be your voice, but Justin Trudeau is taking that away.”

“My office continues to work on your behalf to ensure our communities are empowered to come out the other side of this pandemic healthy and strong. I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this extremely challenging time. When Parliament resumes, our Conservative Caucus will have a new leader at the helm and as her majesty’s Official Opposition we will be ready to take the Government to task.”



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