Statement from M.P. Brad Vis

January 25, 2021-



MISSION, BC – Brad Vis, M.P. for Mission—Matsqui—Fraser Canyon, issued the following statement:

“The only way to create the kind of party that can bring Canadians together is by making room for people of diverse viewpoints. I am a member of the Conservative Party because I believe that it is a true big tent party where every respectful voice is respected.

There is strength we can only find when we overcome our differences. However, caucus members must be willing to work together and respect the different viewpoints present in order to do the important work we are elected to do for our constituents.

There are times when the conversations and debates we have as a caucus are tense and emotional, but there has always been respect and an understanding that we need to work as a team.

The events of the past week were difficult, but our caucus followed the proper process. We came together, had a very open and honest discussion, and the result was that our caucus determined that the sum of Mr. Sloan’s actions over the past year fell below the high standard expected of a Parliamentarian and a Conservative member.

I am focused, as are my colleagues, on building a Conservative Party that will continue to see Canadians of different viewpoints work together to help Canadians through the devastating economic crisis facing our country. I believe that our party has what it takes to reverse the damage Justin Trudeau is doing to our country and build a stronger, more united, and more prosperous Canada.”

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