Vis' View - BC backpedals on public drug use

A New Look for the Newsletter 

Thank you to everyone who took part in my last survey and had your say on the new name for this newsletter! I heard some great suggestions, including Brad’s Broadcast, Vis’s Vision, and Brad’s Bulletin, but ultimately Vis’ View won out. So, without further ado, let’s get into this week’s update and give you Vis’ View! 

BC Backpedals on Public Drug Use 

On Friday, April 26th, the Province of British Columbia asked the federal government to make public drug use illegal in the province once again. Over the last 15 months, we have witnessed crime, chaos, drugs, and disorder in our communities. A record number of British Columbians died of drug overdoses last year. This experiment hasn’t worked and has only made things worse. It’s time for the federal government to cancel the experiment entirely. 

Last Wednesday, I stopped to talk with reporters and highlighted the situation in Abbotsford, where the soccer association has to sweep their pitches for needles before kids can play, and in Mission, where the Legion and businesses regularly have to clean up dirty needles. You can watch my interview here. This week, Pierre Poilievre highlighted the open letter from the Abbotsford Soccer Association that painted a grim picture of the state of their fields. You can watch his question here. 

Last Thursday, I had a chance to rise in QP and asked when the government would finally put an end to this dangerous and deadly legalization experiment. You can watch that here. On Monday, I had another chance to ask. You can watch that here. 

This afternoon, after 11 long days and dozens more overdose deaths, the government finally announced they have accepted BC’s request to recriminalize public consumption of illicit drugs. 

What are your thoughts on BC’s decision to recriminalize illicit drug use in public? Share them with me by filling out this survey. 

Budget 2024 

On Tuesday, April 16, the finance minister tabled Budget 2024. A lot has been said already, and it’s clear that this budget misses the mark on addressing the affordability and productivity crises in Canada. It adds $61 billion in new inflationary spending, fails to provide a plan to balance the budget ever, and raises taxes. This year alone, taxpayers will spend $54.1 billion just to pay the interest on our debt; that’s the same amount the government collects in GST and more than we send to the provinces for healthcare! 

This week, my Conservative colleagues and I voted against the budget because it will drive away entrepreneurs, investors, and doctors while piling more debt onto the backs of Canadian taxpayers and future generations. It fails to build the homes Canadians need and it fails to put Canada on a path to fiscal responsibility. 

Congratulations to the Abbotsford Rugby Football Club! 

Congratulations to the Abbotsford Rugby Football Club on bringing home the Division One provincial championship! 

Coach Chambers told me that the team's goal was to win the championship this season, but it wasn't an easy road. The team overcame injuries, player availability, weather closures and other challenges. 

Going into the final, the team knew what to expect from a significantly larger team, and showed tremendous determination, skill, fitness, and grit. As time expired, Abbotsford scored a try and nailed the conversion kick from the right hand touchline, securing the victory. Given all the team had been through, including health challenges faced by Coach Chambers, they persevered and are now provincial champions! 

Congrats on an exceptional season and keep rockin' the free world boys! 

Yesterday, I took a moment to congratulate them on the floor of the House. You can watch here. 

Save our Supplements! 

Last week, my colleague Blaine Calkin’s Private Member’s Bill C-368 was up for Second Reading debate in the House. This bill would repeal Sections 500 to 504 of Bill C-47 (last year’s Budget Implementation Act), which give Health Canada the power to implement new regulations and fees on natural health products, treating them the same as synthetic pharmaceutical drugs.  

You can watch my speech here. 

I’ve spoken a lot about this issue because I know many families rely on natural products like vitamins, probiotics, toothpaste, and herbal medicines to keep them healthy. You can watch my video on this issue from the fall here. Many small business owners rely on these products to pay their bills. These changes will devastate businesses across Canada, drive away innovation and product development, and push consumers toward foreign online retailers and products that don’t meet the already high standards we have in Canada. 

I also tabled another petition last week calling for a reversal of these new regulations and fees, which you can watch here. 


This week, Bill C-64, An Act respecting Pharmacare, was back up for debate in the House. While the government has made grand promises on pharmacare, this bill does not deliver. It will cost $1.5 billion, only cover diabetes and contraceptive medications, and create even more bureaucracy in the federal government. 

You can watch my speech here. 

1.1 million Canadians don’t have access to pharmacare coverage, but this plan will do nothing to change that. 6.5 million Canadians don’t have access to a primary care physician, again, this plan does nothing to change that.  

If the government wanted to truly address the challenges in our healthcare system, they would implement a national Blue Seal program to ensure the tens of thousands of trained doctors and nurses who can’t practice in Canada get accredited quickly. They would reign in their spending and stop the reckless deficits that keep driving up the cost of living. 

Temporary RCMP Detachment Opens in Lytton 

I was pleased to join community members from Lytton last week at the grand opening of the new temporary RCMP detachment.  

Lytton RCMP along with the support of Lillooet RCMP and BC RCMP kept our community safe during the fire and throughout the recovery. The new detachment is fittingly stationed where the two rivers meet in the heart of Lytton. 

New Electoral Boundaries 

It's official, the next federal election will be contested under the new federal electoral boundaries. 

Mission—Matsqui—Fraser Canyon will be renamed to Mission—Matsqui—Abbotsford and cover the areas shown in the above map. This change will only take effect in the next federal election. Until then, I continue to represent all of Mission—Matsqui—Fraser Canyon and my commitment to serve you remains steadfast.  

Communities in the Fraser Canyon south of Falls Creek (Boston Bar, Yale, Spuzzum First Nation, etc.) will be part of the new Chilliwack—Hope riding. Communities north of Falls Creek (Lytton, Lillooet, Ashcroft, etc.) will be part of the new Kamloops—Thompson—Nicola riding. 

In the Fraser Valley, the portion of Mission west of Wren St will join an expanded Pitt Meadows—Maple Ridge, while the entirety of East Abbotsford will become part of Mission—Matsqui—Abbotsford.

For more information on the new federal electoral districts in BC, click here 

Hearing from you 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out my last survey on priorities for Budget 2024. In total, 184 people completed the survey; your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps guide my work on your behalf. 

In the additional feedback section, I heard from respondents on the drug crisis in BC, the need for significant improvements in our healthcare system, and that seniors and young families alike are struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living, among other topics.  

This week, I want to hear your thoughts on BC’s recent request to recriminalize public use of illicit drugs. Let me know by filling out my survey here. 

I recently commissioned a telephone survey on the cost of living in Mission. The sample size was 300, and the results can be found below. 

Most people in our community are cutting back discretionary spending and putting off important expenses like home repairs because they are struggling to afford the basic necessities. More than 11% reported accessing a food bank. Be assured, I am fighting hard in Ottawa to bring home lower prices. 

Your feedback is valued.  Please do not hesitate to contact my office to voice your concerns or seek assistance with any federal government programs at 604-814-5710 or [email protected]. I also encourage you to follow me on Facebook, X (Twitter)Instagram, and YouTube, where I post more frequent updates on my work as your MP. 

Thank you, 

Brad Vis, MP
Mission—Matsqui—Fraser Canyon