Vis' View - Saving our supplements, stopping extortion, & protecting our hospitals

Bill C-368 (Natural Health Products) Passes at Second Reading 


We are one step closer to saving our supplements after my colleague Blaine Calkins’ Bill C-368 passed Second Reading stage in the House of Commons last Wednesday. I was proud to second this bill after hearing from thousands of constituents and small business owners from across Canada.  

The bill will now be referred to the Standing Committee on Health for further study. I am calling on the committee to pass the bill expeditiously to protect the natural health products that Canadians rely on to stay healthy, and many small businesses depend on for their livelihoods. 

Read my statement on the Second Reading passage of Bill C-368 here. 

If you aren’t aware of Bill C-368, it would reverse the changes made by last year’s Budget Implementation Act, specifically by repealing sections 500 to 504 of that Act to restore the status quo on natural health product regulations. This is exactly what small business owners across Canada have asked for, and Conservatives are listening. 

Watch my Second Reading speech here. 

Conservative Bill to Stop Extortion Defeated 


Recently, the House debated Bill C-381, Protection Against Extortion Act, which would have reinstated mandatory minimum sentences in relation to extortion and made arson an aggravating factor in sentencing for extortion. I had an opportunity to speak on this bill and highlighted the letters received by businesses in Abbotsford last fall. You can watch my speech here. 

Since 2015, extortion in BC is up 386%. Small business owners should not have to worry about gangs extorting them for protection money in Canada.  

We must act to put a stop to criminals and gangs terrorizing small business owners and their families with threats of violence if they don’t pay up. Conservatives put forward a common sense solution, but shamefully, the NDP-Liberal coalition defeated Bill C-381 at Second Reading in the House. 

Are you concerned by the rise in extortion in our communities? I want to hear your thoughts on our plan to stop extortion in this week’s survey. 

Click here to watch my new video on extortion. 

Protecting Our Hospitals 


Last Tuesday, Conservatives tabled Bill C-391, Safe Hospitals Act. It would ensure that the federal Minister of Health can never allow illicit drug use in hospitals again and ban dangerous weapons in hospitals. We’ve heard far too many stories in BC of nurses being put at risk by dangerous drugs and weapons, which they were powerless to confiscate. One nurse even had to stop breastfeeding her child after being exposed to fentanyl on the job. 

We also hear far too often of doctors, nurses, and first responders being victim of workplace violence. Healthcare workers are four times more likely than the average Canadian to face violence on the job. Todd Doherty, MP for Cariboo—Prince George, put forward Bill C-321, which would make courts take into account that the victim of an assault was a healthcare worker or first responder for the purposes of sentencing. That bill passed the House of Commons with the support of all parties and is now before the Senate. 

Earlier today there was a shocking news article that highlighted how St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver has become plagued by an open drug market where people smoke fentanyl. This is exactly what our plan aims to address. 

Speaking on the Budget 

I had an opportunity to speak on this year's federal budget a couple of weeks ago. Frustratingly, Budget 2024 was more of the same from this government. Higher taxes, higher deficits, and doubling down on the same failed programs that have led to the worst housing affordability crisis Canada has ever faced.  

You can watch my speech here. 

Conservatives called for 3 key things in this year’s budget. Axe the carbon tax on our farmers and food, build the homes Canadians can afford, and fix the budget by caping spending with a dollar-for-dollar rule. The budget delivered none of these things.  

Axe the Taxes for Summer 

Last week, Conservatives put forward an Opposition Motion, calling on the government to cut the carbon tax, federal fuel tax, and GST on gas and diesel until Labour Day to give families a break this summer. In BC, these measures would save the average family $682. 

With families still struggling to put food on the table and gas in their cars, it’s time to deliver relief. Frustratingly, the NDP-Liberal government defeated our motion on Monday. 

Watch Pierre Poilievre’s speech on the motion here. 

Questioning Minister Saks 

Last week, I had an opportunity during Committee of the Whole to question Ya’ara Saks, the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, on the deadly hard drug decriminalization program that has caused chaos in BC communities. Banning public use is not enough. The government must end this dangerous experiment entirely. 

Watch my round of questions here. 

Auditor General’s Report on the Green Slush Fund 

The Auditor General released a damning report today revealing how much money was handed to Liberal insiders through the billion dollar Green Slush Fund (Sustainable Development Technology Canada). See below some of the key findings. 

10 ineligible projects were awarded $59 million. 

There were 90 cases of projects being approved without conflict-of-interest protocols being followed, totaling $76 million. 

The Auditor General found that Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's oversight did not ensure that the administration of public funds was in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contribution agreements and with the relevant government policies. 

SDTC failed to comply with its own founding legislation. 

  • Bylaws and conflict of interest policies for directors and members did not fully align with the SDTC Act. 
  • Directors were invested in 7 companies that received funds. 
  • Different rules for board members and employees. 
  • SDTC is required to have a group of 15 members, separate from the board of directors... It had 2 members. 

SDTC "did a really poor job managing conflict of interest." - Auditor General 

The Auditor General also stated that relying on minutes alone, as SDTC did, is not effective. 

My Conservative colleagues and I have been seeking answers on this billion dollar slush fund for months, and today’s report makes it clear that funds were misappropriated, and conflict of interest laws were not followed. Today, it was announced that SDTC has been abolished, however, we will continue to fight to ensure that all involved are held accountable. 

Read the Auditor General’s report here. 

Here at Home 


I recently joined truckers from across the Fraser Valley for a rally in Surrey to call for more commercial parking. As the number of trucks on our roads in BC continues to increase, commercial parking needs to be a part of our broader economic policy to ensure the effective movement of goods in our province. 

On May 17, I was honoured to join representatives and community members from the District of Hope and Chawathil First Nation to witness the historic signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to chart a new path forward in reconciliation. 


A big thanks to Diana and all the organizers of the 104th annual Bradner May Day Fair for a great event! It was wonderful to catch up with old friends in support of a new playground. 

As always, the Diamond Culture Club Association’s annual Mela at Rotary Stadium in Abbotsford was a blast! A big thanks to the Diamond Culture Club for an amazing afternoon full of community and culture. It was great to see so many friends! 

My View From Here 

Residents in the Kent area, keep an eye on your mailboxes for my latest mailer! Usually, these mailers discuss the issues in Ottawa and the work I’m doing on your behalf, but I wanted to take the time to turn the camera back on you and highlight the incredible communities across Mission—Matsqui—Fraser Canyon. From the local history to hidden gems you have to check out, these mailers celebrate all that makes our riding so special. 

I’ll be creating mailers like this for communities across the riding, so if you have some awesome photos, heartwarming stories, or hidden local gems that you think I should highlight, I’d love to feature them! Send your photos and stories to me by email at [email protected]. 

Hearing from you 

In the last edition of Vis’ View, I asked for your thoughts on BC’s decision to recriminalize public use of illicit drugs. In all, I heard from 191 people; thanks for sharing your feedback! Please see the full survey results below. 

In the additional feedback section, many highlighted how enabling illicit drug use, as BC’s decriminalization and so-called “safe supply” program does, contradicts the goals of a healthy, productive, and safe society. I also heard from residents on the importance of improving access to mental health treatment. 

This week, I want to hear your thoughts on our common sense Conservative plan to stop extortion. Please take a moment to fill out my survey here. 

Your feedback is valued.  Please do not hesitate to contact my office to voice your concerns or seek assistance with any federal government programs at 604-814-5710 or [email protected]. I also encourage you to follow me on Facebook, X (Twitter)Instagram, and YouTube, where I post more frequent updates on my work as your MP. 

Thank you, 

Brad Vis, MP  
Mission—Matsqui—Fraser Canyon